Windows & Weatherization

After an extended hiatus, we’re back!! (Note to prospective tiny home builders: unless you take significant time off of work/school/life to complete your project, we’ve discovered that the real world tends to get in the way of your project timeline). First task on the list: finishing the weatherization of the trailer. We learned the hard way – after several consecutive days of rain (practically flood status, in Utah terms) – that our skylight was not, in fact, watertight, so we got up on the roof to re-caulk. While we were at it, we decided to knock out a project we’ve been discussing since we first bought the trailer: painting the roof, both to add another layer of water-resistant insulation and to help reflect heat, which will theoretically reduce cooling costs in the summer (see photos here). Finally, we opted to install some custom-cut flashing around the front window, which we glued on top of strips of adhesive sealant. Our work remains to be tested by the next rainstorm…

Here are two of the products that we mentioned (both purchased from Home Depot):

Grace Vycor Plus Fully-Adhered Flashing: a flexible, super-sticky tape that we installed along the edges of the window to provide a watertight seal and cover the gap between the window edge and the aluminum siding of the trailer.

Everseal Surebond SB-190 Adhesive Sealant: claims to be “the strongest” adhesive (2,000 PSI tensile strength) and effective on a variety of substrates. We used this to glue strips of standard metal flashing to the outer surface of the Fully-Adhered Flashing tape (above). The cure time is 7-28 days…so we still aren’t sure if this adhesive was effective?

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