In today’s work, we prepared the trailer for the integration of our self-composting toilet (a HUGE shoutout to the team at Sun-Mar for their support of us in this project!) This involved the sizing and cutting of two holes (one for an emergency liquid drain and one for a roof ventilation system) and the design of a flexible tubing system to feed the liquid drain.

We are SO excited to get our Excel NE unit up and running! This unit is the ideal fit for our tiny home, because it is non-electric (perfect for “Operating Off the Grid”) and utilizes the most advanced composting technology on the market, meaning that smells are virtually eliminated (definitely a plus in a small space). With a sleek design and intuitive operation, the Excel NE unit will help us live in comfort and class, and Sun-Mar’s legendary quality and craftsmanship means this unit will serve us well for the years and decades to come!

We are psyched to now have our trailer ready to integrate the unit, and will keep you posted on its operation…

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