Plumbing: The Vision

Reid walks us through the vision for our plumbing system, which we’ve been spending the past month or so trying to meticulously plan out. We opted to construct our system using PEX piping with SharkBite Push-to-Connect fittings (which are more expensive, but much easier to install/adjust/replace than standard PEX fittings, which require crimping). Special thanks to our kitten Snickers, who features heavily in this episode : )

Spoiler Alert: As you may have anticipated, this venture was not completed in a single day…

For those of you interested in a more detailed/coherent rendering of our final plumbing system, check out this diagram.

Here are some of the products we used in the design and construction of our plumbing system:

Flojet Quiet Quad II Water Pump: Capable of delivering up to 3.2 gpm and pressures of 35 psi, this compact, (relatively) quiet pump also has built-in backflow protection and is capable of running dry without damaging the pump. It does wire in to 12V systems, however, which can provide a slight challenge for 120V hardwire systems like ours…

Sharkbite Push-to-Connect Fittings: This line of products is really the foundation of our plumbing system. Rather than dealing with crimping and/or gluing, these fittings simply push together, and are easy to install, remove, and repair. The price tag is definitely higher than standard fittings, but unless you are highly experienced in the plumbing realm, we would highly recommend going this route! A wide variety of these fittings are available at Home Depot, Lowes, or your favorite home improvement store (although we did need to order some specialty fittings online).


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