Boards & Bondo

With all of the “in-wall” structural work complete, we are now able to put up all remaining wall and ceiling boards, and (finally) start to make our trailer look like a real home! While Reid custom-cuts all of the wall boards, Kae is busy finger-painting with Bondo, an adhesive putty that we are using to fill seams and smooth the transition from wall to ceiling.

Here are links to our wall boards, ceiling boards, and the various tools we found most helpful in making this look less like a construction zone and more like a house!:

Hardboard Tempered Panel: Reid wanted lightweight; Kae wanted a wall that was sturdy and would hold its shape – we compromised on this 3/16″ thick hardboard.

Coroplast: These are our ceiling boards; see Roof Overhead for more details on the installation.

Bondo All-Purpose Putty: This is the goopy mess that Kae was finger-painting with…despite being a pain in the butt to use, this stuff does work pretty well to fill gaps/cracks on a wide variety of surfaces. This material hardens quickly (about 15 min) and can be sanded to create a smooth, finished, custom surface.

Ryobi Detail Sander: Kae used this tool for literally a whole day to sand down the hardened Bondo, and we would highly recommend it. The smaller size allows for precise work in corners (or, in our case, along the awkward rounded edges between the curved roof boards and the flat wall boards). We found that these Diablo 60-Grit Triangle Sanding Sheets were the best for sanding down Bondo most efficiently.

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