Kitty Crate!

Two people in a tiny home? No problem. Two people trying to sleep in a tiny home with a hyperactive kitten?………might be a problem. In this episode, Kae addresses the challenge of living tiny with a four-legged friend by expanding our kitty’s room to roam! Check out this fun (and relatively simple) construction of an outdoor kitty crate, or what the high-end cat ladies (and men) might refer to as a “catio,” from a pre-made kit.

This somewhat ridiculous (but, in our case, highly practical) structure is designed by Jaxpety, and is most easily and cheaply sourced from Amazon.

Disclaimer: While the time lapse makes this process look relatively smooth, Kae actually struggled significantly trying to put this together. Note that, in this kit, all screw holes are all sunk and pre-drilled on one side of the connection, but not on the other…so getting some of the screws set using only a hand screwdriver (as recommended) can prove challenging. Unless you are around 6′ tall and are a professional climber with grip strength of steel, we would highly recommend working with a friend or partner on this project and having some small clamps at the ready!

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