Presenting: OUR TINY HOME!

They say that there’s nothing like an impending deadline to force progress…Several months ago, the two of us signed up to show our build at the Colorado Tiny House Festival, which (as we later learned) is one of the nation’s largest tiny home expos, drawing crowds of ~40,000 from around the globe over a three-day window. It didn’t really hit home until the week before the festival that (as you saw in our last build update, Boards & Bondo) what we were working with was a construction site, not a tiny home, and certainly nothing that we would feel comfortable presenting to the public.

So…we decided to go all in and make a huge push to get this tiny home DONE (or at least presentably close). We apologize for the lack of videos in this period; in the crazy push of trying to get the trailer ready, we didn’t pause much for recording. But after a week of insanely long days and several all-nighters, we have converted the disaster zone into a REAL HOME, and we are so excited with the results!!

For those of you who couldn’t make it to the festival (or those of you who were there, and want to see it again!), please enjoy your personal walk-through of our tiny home! As always, please contact us with any thoughts/questions/suggestions…we would love to hear from you!

Finally, a HUGE shoutout to our incredible team of sponsors for their support in making this project possible. Visitors at the festival couldn’t get enough of our beautiful hardwood and Marmoleum floors from Underfoot Floors; our sleek, high-capacity, smell-free Sun-Mar Excel NE composting toilet; our “plug-and-play” Goal Zero solar panels and Yeti 1250 battery combo; and our flourishing Garden Tower 2. You guys rock!!

To see an overview of some of the other tiny homes that were on display at the Colorado Tiny House Festival this past weekend, check out this article from Westword! We’re featured in slides 16 & 17 : )



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